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Strong and seasoned-wood insulator, shaped to measure, to isolate the handles of the bronze bells from the iron block, (not to transmit the sonorous vibrations) and to level the bells; the insulator is treated with special resins to protect the wood.

High quality cast-iron bearing, wider shaped with a wide margin of safety, complete with lubricators to grease and fixing bolts and nuts.

Steel bearing, with self-acting balls, stiffened model, to apply on the blocks' pins, to allow a perfect stroke. Shaped with a wide margin of safety on the weight of the bells in motion.


Iron wheel, shaped with our particular bending machine, complete with iron brackets, to reach the maximum strength, with respective connections, adjustable wind-braces and fixing bolts and nuts. MODEL: Ambrosian- sound system.



Chain drive of first quality steel link, complete with turnbuckle and steel spring, to set the tension and to reduce the starting thrust.

Electric and induction motor, strong intermittent, three strokes, planned with 220V-380V voltage, with 50Hz frequency, 6-5-12 poles, and 1000-750-400 revolutions, with casing of pressure-casted aluminium alloy,and pins obtained directly from the casting.Winding of the stator with insulated copper wire, with polyvinylacetate double enamel, worked with a soaking treatment with alkydic resins, high quality resins improved in F class, that assures a high protection against the electrical and mechanical stresses.

Our motors have a structural arrangement B3\B5, closed tinned, set to local voltage, complete with flange of pressure-casted aluminium, with protection casing, with steel bevel pinion and tapper key. Drive shaft lathed with the same gradation of the bevel pinion,( this modification gives longer duration to the traction stresses between the drive shaft and the pinion). Motor with special varnishing and resistant against the exogenous factors and with fixing bolts and nuts.


Reverser of accord and patented appliance, applyed on the motor, controlled by a reducer block, wich opening and closing microswitch, with contacts of hard silver and cames, to reverse the motor lift to witch the appliances are connected. Complete with fixing bolts and nuts and electrical connections, closed tinned by an aluminium casing to measure. Our appliances keep constant the concert before set, because of the simple planning and carrying out, our appliances are safe.