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It is fundamental to search for the perfect musical chord and the homogeneity in the timbre of voice among the va- rious components in concerts of three-four-five-six-eight bells and more;

this is the more important the greater is the number of bells. Innumerous are the musical accords that may be obtai- ned, and time by time our firm studies the characteristics of a concert that must suit the requirements and the parti- cular taste of a place: Several are also the methods of sound production with bells that swimg more or less swiftily, by adopting different techniques in setting the same bells on hubs or support stocks.

As we have supplied bells all over Italy and the world we are in a position to abtain all different methods of sound, always offering our free advice when special circumstances require particular settlements. With only the indication of the measures of the belfry, we build, besides the concerto of bells, also the scaffolding in iron and all fittings which, if sent abroad, find an easy setting with pictures and explanations supplied by our firm.

Our exportations have practically reached all countries: Great Britain, Iceland, France, Germany, Austria, Jugosla- via, Spain, Greece, Albany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Mid- dle East, Yapan, China, India, Philippines, North Africa, Central Africa, North America, Central America, South America, Oceania. Numberless testimonials of praise, merits and honours are the best guarantees for a definitely up-to-date product.


The heigth of the bells, included the plait, is like the diameter of base.

On a walnut board perfectly smooth is drawn the profile of the bell that is wanted. Measure and calculations concerning such design consti- tute the secret of the foundry handed down from generation to generation and continuously studied and modified accor- ding to the most modern requirements in order to obtain the best musical efficiency. The board drawn and sawn along the profile is called the model. The mould fexed suitably to an iron staff running on a gui- de that allows it a complete turn, gives the shape to the stamp constituted by refractory bricks tied together by a mixture of clay, water and other ingredients. In successive operation the mould is refined to precision and cooked with vegetable coal that allows it a slow exsicca- tion, without causing cracks in the clay. When the exact shape of the bell (in clay) is obtained ope- ratins continue with decoration of the mould with ornaments, sacred images and inscriptions, all in bee wax, obtained from artistic engreved tablets of the greatest value.
The mould so decorated is covered again with other layers of very pure clay to form the external part for completion of the working. At last, the mould in clay emptied internally of the thick- ness corresponding to the bell, is laid in the ditch, where the casting will take place. Succesive layers of ground are beaten around theh mould so as to cover it and to keep it steady in order to avoid displa- cements of the mould, caused by the weight of the cast bronze and the pressure of gases.

Succesive layers of ground are beaten around theh mould so as to cover it and to keep it steady in order to avoid displa- cements of the mould, caused by the weight of the cast bronze and the pressure of gases. The material, bronze, is chosen with scrupulous care for the purity of the very fine alloy as the sound of a bell acqui- res more or less value in timbre and in diffusiveness depen- dently upon the quality of the same material. Another fundamental factor, besides the particular mould of the bell (bendings and proportions of thicknesses), is the com- bustible employed for the casting.

Our firm, in fact, employs well- seasoned beechwood because the flame is completely neu- tral in the combustion, and, therefore, it does not pollute the bronze, as it happens, on the contrary, with other burner com- bustibles, such as fuel oil, gas oil , etc. Of course what has been explained serves to give an ap- proximate idea of the system of manufacturing, which is rich of little thecnical espedients and fine points, acquired with experience.

ELEVATION AND LOWERING OF BELLS. Elevation and lowering of bells and fittings, from the belfry to the base of the tower-bell, with different models of according-to-law cranes, according to the work to do.

FITTINGS FOR BELLS. Iron ambrosiana-thrust clapper. New set collar, of first quality homogeneus iron, turned from only one piece, twice as heavy than the final weight of the set collar itself, hot forged, beaten with the hammer, forged again and varnished. Belt complete with hardware. First quality leather belt, to support and isolate the hammer, complete with clamp plates and clamp holders.