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Automation of doors for churches, sacristies, cemeteries, and public buildings of each wideness and shape; with electrical locks with steel pistol of high power; motorized; fixed on view or ancased.
Automatic opening of the main door of a church at a pre-arranged time and automatic closing with sonorous and visual warning at the wished time.
Automation of windows like that of doors, with many many metods of opening (with piston, rack, chain) and with the chance of pre-arranged automatic opening and closing, according to the functions to do.
Automation of doors and windows with remote control.

Automation of remote control system to heat buildings.

Example of a church with standard opening time:
opening of the church at 7 a.m. and closing at 12 p.m., with sonorous and visual warning five minutes before the closing time.
The operations of opening and closing of the church door, that need a person, become automatic; many time combinations are possible, for example: daily, weekly and yearly time combination.
The sonorous and visual device warns the visitors in the building that it will be closed in five minutes.