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The service and the businnes office is organized and adeguate. We offer free estimates for the following works:
Advices for tower-bells with static problems.
Planning and carrying out of steel or wooden mounts to support bells installations.
Planning and carrying out of iron tower-bells..
Planning and carrying out of protection grids, of iron and wooden floors and staircases for tower-bells.
Automations for bells, doors and windows.
Planning and carrying out of electronic bells installations.
Testing and adjustment according- to-CEE-laws of electric installations.
Planning and carrying out of lightning- conductors and earth-groundings.
Supplying and service of tower-clocks, timers and drivers for churches, civic towes, town halls.
Restoration of clocks for buildings and in style clocks.
Services contracts.
Some elements mark our company (the "COMIN SERVICE"): the high quality of the products, the big number of the available articles, the high speed in the working, the high competitiveness in the prices, the staff training, the pre-and-post sale service, the use of mechanical, computerized, telematics most advanced methodologies, the best facilities of payment. The rest is up to the 50 years experience in this field!!!