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Foto n.1: Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
LIGHTNING- CONDUCTORS. We are specialized and equipped for the supplying, the installation and the service, of lightning conductors for tower- bells, churches, parsonages, municipal and monumental towers, public and private buildings, with specific equipment and specialized staff. The installation is planned and carryed out according- to- law; when the installation is ready, we make out a conformity certificate.
We test the old installations, estimate the lightning risk and measure the values of the according- to- law scattering system.
We plan new installations and conform according -to-law the old installations.

The new installations of lightning conductors are made with the following according-to-law materials:
Faraday cage - inox steel or copper points and rods to intercept.
Conduction lines with zinked or copper reinforcing iron rod, copper rope, fixing rest.
Clamp holders of different materials, fibreglass protection runner.
Inspection chambers, earth plates, bolts and nuts, hose clamps, and charging clips.
Electronic dischargers of lightning current, insulation transformer.
We can set up the installation with or without fixed scaffoldings.
Aerial platforms to install the lightning conductors from 0 to 60 m.

Foto n.2:Barbeano (PN)

Foto n.3:Vazzola (TV)

The Comin Company SNC is qualified by the CCIAA of Treviso n 2609 to test and to assure the installations' suitability; after the test we issue a conformity certificate or, in case, an according-to-law plan. We offer a complete service: testing of the old installation, advice about the regulations in force, carrying out and service for civil and industrial electric installations. The following services have a customized automation:
Adjustment according-to-law of old power lines, boards, panels.
Control desk to automate bells, electronic set collars, clocks.
Manual control panels with protection switches.
Boards with modulator panels ("Rac") to control bells, lights and fittings.
Power line (from the belfry's control panel to the installations of bells' automation inside the parsonage) composed by anti-fire cables, protection flexible pipes, casings, connection tinned pipes, fixing fittings.
Power lines and sound signals for parsonages, churches and tower-bells; they are aerial, underground and "blido"; they are composed by anti-fire cables, double insulated protection flexible pipes, casings, connection tinned pipes, "blido" runner, fixing fittings.
Lightning power lines for parsonages, churches, tower-bells; with solutions care, plan and estimate.
Earth-groundings and lightning conductors.
Security systems, doors video-controls with micro-television-cameras, micro- obiectives, microphones, night-finders, infrared lights.
Automation of churches main doors (automatic pre-arranged opening).
Automation of churches windows (automatic pre-arranged opening).
Upkeep and service of damages, for old installations and lightnings.

Electric power station to set on the belfry, to control automatic 5 bells and 1 electronic set collar.
closed tinned casing, of IP56 polyester, complete with fixing rests and fixing bolts and nuts. Composed by:

-12 contactors, of high current-carrying capacity, with hard-silver contacts;
-5 automatic tele-motor- protectors, to protect the motors from electrical damages;
-5 automatic switches, to control manual the bell installations;
-1 two-phase switch, selector and lock door; -1 current transformer and isolation transformer;
-6 fuse blocks with fuses;
-1 outlet;
-5 relays with socket;
-1 powre rectifier; -clamp holders and linkings;
Everything is according-to-CEE-laws, normative law 46/90.